The V.I.T.-GROUP, based in Germany, operates internationally.

We produce, develop and distribute technical products exclusively in the
b2b-sector of the industry, located on a production- and storage area of
over 8.000 m² and an administration area of over 1.400m².

The company was founded over 25 years ago, in the year 1987. Today,
the V.I.T.-GROUP conists of 6 independent companies with different
fields of business.

The V.I.T.-products can be found on all continents, due to our numerous representatives found worldwide, V.I.T. delivers in 60 countries in the world.

Our engineers in the various product-areas, research and develop according to the highest technological standards. We guarantee highest precision and continious innovations using novel manufacturing techniques. We stand for competence and efficiency, relying on our unmistakable experience and first-class products.